Course designer

Gary Roger Baird
Designer Profile
lnternational Proiects
  • Shizu lnternatinal Country Club /
    Baraki Prefecture, Japan
  • The Royal Gems Golf & Sports Complex/
    Bangkok, Thailand
Domestic Projects
  • Hermitage Golf Course / Nashville,TN
  • The Crossings Golf Club / Jones borough, TN
  • Heather hurst Golf Course / Fairdield Glade,TN
  • Sometimes, a place wanting challenges enables us to make creative works inspiring the greatness of man. The test of success depends on how to make a harmonious and effective three-dimension expression and works out one-dimension design drawing. The design of EastValley Country Club started from the basic understanding of surrounding natural environment. I made efforts to maintain the natural aspect while valuing the nature itself.
  • Moreover, in order to offer visual pleasure to the entire golf course I outlined artistic features of the green, tee and bunker and tried to harmonize the mound and the landscape by putting together the ridges of Aengja Peak and the waterfall in a natural valley under rocks. I paid careful attention to environments so that the course and the spectacle may look like an oriental picture and did may best even to the beauty of the blank space.
    This work resembles the way of life accommodating to the natural environment and was done by careful observation of surrounding environments and close consultation with specialists.
    Especially, the lake in the course is one that I'm proud of in that it has an artistic expression differentiating itself from other courses. Eastvalley Country Club will make a more beautiful picture together with neighboring mountains once the trees put down roots with time and will have its prestige as the best golf course with beautiful nature. I hope that members and visitors be able to enjoy everything in the golf course at Eastvalley Country Club which has just finished its grand opening and started professional service.
  • Today 구름많음 30.2º
  • Tomorrow 소나기 30.0
  • Day After Tomorrow 소나기 30.0
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