Guide for Use

  • Paid valet service and steam wash
  • Please get off the porch and leave your car keys at the front
    when you park your car.
  • Please arrive 40 minutes before TEE-OFF time for the front and smooth operation.
  • When registering at the front desk, please reconfirm the course and time before receiving the locker key.
    The fee will be calculated as a lump sum payment. (However, if you would like an advance payment, please tell the front desk in advance and we'll take care of it.
  • After you finish playing, caddie will carry you a golf BAG, and if you park yourself, you will get a car key at the front door.
  • The lead time for 18 holes is less than 4 hours and 30 minutes.
  • We kindly ask you not to exceed the time.
  • For efficient play, one caddy will be assigned to one team. If you want two caddies, please let us know when making a reservation.
  • Today 흐림 17.6º
  • Tomorrow 구름많음 21.0
  • Day After Tomorrow 구름많음 15.0
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