Reservation Info

Only members can make a reservation and members are asked to let us know the names of all the players when marking a reservation. Visitors not accompanied by a member cannot play. You should wear golf shoes with rubber clout nails. However, during winter times you can wear shoes with iron clout nails. Please comply with manners and etiquettes as a member for the promotion of the golf culture.
When there ard changes in your address or telephone number, please inform us.
Reception of Reservation
For the reception of reservation TEL 031-760-3838~9FAX 031-760-3840~1
How to Make a Reservation
Regular Member Weekend three weeks before. On Tuesday AM 09~16. By fax only.
(If the Tuesday is a holiday, next day)
The reservation status will be noticed by fax on Wednesday PM 5:00.
Weekdays Possible from on month ahead.
Reservation can be made by telephone or fax, and the reservation status will be noticed immediately.
If you intend to play by two, please inform us when making a reservation.
(Please refer to the enclosed reservation form)
Family member
Designated member
Weekday member
Weekdays You can make a reservation from Tuesday to Friday and
from three weeks before the play.
Cancellation of Reservation
Please make a notice by telephone or fax by 5 days before the day of play.
Temporary : When necessary Due to Force majeur of operational reasons of the Club such as the maintenance of course.
  • Today 흐림 17.5º
  • Tomorrow 구름많음 21.0
  • Day After Tomorrow 구름많음 15.0
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